Access FinalForms here:

The Bellevue School District uses FinalForms for athletics registration. Read more here.

You have two accounts:
- A parent account, used for entering your information, selecting activities, and signing forms
- A student account, used for re-signing forms as the student

Step 1: Enter your information

You'll need to sign in as a parent for this. If you haven't signed in to FinalForms before, create an account here.

FinalForms requires contact information as well as information about your medical history and a signed physical examination form.

If you've already entered this information in previous years, it'll still be there. However, you'll still need to re-answer a few questions.

Step 2: Sign your forms

Once you've completed each form, write the parent name in the signature box as directed. This acts as a digital signature.

Now, sign in to your student account. Again, if you've never signed in before, you can create an account here. In your student account, you need to re-sign each form as the student

Step 3: Sign up for XC and pay any fees

Go back to your parent account and check that your student is outlined in green on the homepage, with the message "Eligible!". If it is not green, it should tell you why.

If your student's table row is green, go ahead and click the "+ Add Sports/Activities" link.

Under "Fall", select "Coed Cross Country." If you'd like, you can also go ahead and sign up for "Coed Track and Field" for the Spring.

Click "Update Sports/Activities." It should take you back to the homepage.

Head over to to check for fees and fines in your account. Sign in with your Student ID # and last name. You'll need to pay for an ASB Card (My School -> Back to School -> ASB Card) and an additional fee for each season (should show up automatically when ready). Fees are waived for students in the free or reduced lunch program.

Go back to FinalForms and check that your student's name is marked in green and you see Cross Country in the Sports/Activities column. If it is, you're all set!

If you're having issues or have any questions, check out the instructions on the BSD website or contact the Interlake Athletic Director. You can find their contact information here.